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Guided Antelope Hunts in Colorado with Eastern Colorado Outdoors

Antelope Hunts

Guided Pronghorn Hunts in Eastern Colorado

Antelope hunts on the Plains offer opportunities to see many animals in a day and multiple chances to harvest the animal of your choosing. These hunts are extremely fast paced and exciting all the time. Buck antelope in Eastern Colorado can range from 14-16 inch length with an occasional “freak”/non-typical that is truly one of a kind!

Eastern Colorado Outdoors has leases with a tremendous number of Eastern Colorado antelope ranging over it. We have blinds on water holes for the bow hunter that dreams of this kind of harvest, along with country that has some significant changes in topography. These areas allow a bow hunter to stalk within a few hundred yards of the herd undetected to use a decoy to get the dominant buck to charge the decoy, bringing him within bow range. ECO also offers hundreds of thousands of acres for the rifle hunter looking for the 100-400 yard shot at a mature “speed goat” of the Eastern Plains. There is also country that will allow a long range hunter the opportunity to harvest an animal at extreme range. The Plains will allow over one thousand yard shot opportunities to the individual that has the ability to accomplish it! Our staff and guides will make every effort to assist each and every hunter with a fun and successful hunt. We acknowledge that every client will have somewhat different abilities, and we will do our best to get you to the place that you can be successful.


Pronghorn Hunting Season Dates

Colorado Antelope Hunting Season

All Sections
August 15-31 (Bucks Only)
September 1-20 (Either Sex)

September 21-29

October 3-11

Late Rifle (Doe Only):
Sections 105 and 111
December 1-31
Sections 112, 113, 114, 115, 120, and 121
December 5-31